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Eastside Queer Stories Radio Plays

About Q Youth Foundation

Q Youth Foundation is a non-profit organization that builds partnerships with nonprofits, businesses, community and public spaces to create safe(r)/brave spaces with programming for the LGBTQIA2-S+ communities in Los Angeles, California.

​We celebrate our culture, diversity and community by opening a dialog to humanize our queer experience through storytelling, play writing, poetry, screenwriting  and community activities. 

INSTAGRAM: @qyouthfdn



May 7, 2021

“Son Snapped” by Jess Cen

Content Warning: Sexual Assault 

CW // Language

TW // Verbal Abuse, Sexual Assault, Coercion, and Consent 

Logline: Oscar uses a series of fingersnaps to interrogate his parents and figure out why they raised him the way they did.

Directed by Sophie Goldstein

Featuring Nathanael Martinez, Adriana Gordon, & César Carmona

Post Producer & Editor: Edwin Alexis Gómez

Sound Director & Composer: Ricardo Licea

Artwork by Féi Hernandez

Produced by Abe Zapata Jr, Brandon English and Ana Bernal